From February 2022, some young parents will receive a public utility “baby box” at the maternity ward. This will indeed contain several objects allowing the transmission of prevention messages.

Some 180,000 “baby boxes” will thus be distributed as a priority in maternity hospitals in municipalities with priority neighborhoods.

The device will then be evaluated in the summer, and probably extended to the rest of the territory. Here is everything that these famous “baby boxes” will contain.

A sleeping bag

A sleeping bag (or sleeping bag) will be given to parents in the “baby box”. It will be accompanied by a message explaining how to put the baby to bed, to avoid any risk of suffocation. “It is less of a risk for the baby to sleep in a sleeping bag than with something that could cover his face. And you have to lay it on its back, ”explains the Ministry of Health and Solidarity in HuffPost.

An album

The “baby box” will include an album, to encourage parents to read to their child without waiting for them to go to school. The ministry insists on the importance of the artistic and cultural awakening of the baby: it is about a stage “fundamental for the development of his brain”.

A soap

The soap will help guide parents to natural products, and alert them to endocrine disruptors.

A moisturizer

The “baby box” is also intended as psychological support for parents. The arrival of a baby causes great upheaval, and sometimes postpartum depression in young mothers.

The ministry therefore wishes to integrate into the box an object “specifically for the mother, to allow her to say to herself that she must take care of her, perhaps a cream or something like that”, he explains. he at HuffPost.

A shoulder bag

The box will actually be more of a bag than a real box. How to remind parents to “go out, not to forget yourself as a parent, to go to sports or activities outside”.


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