‘What will be worse than this, now…’, Ganguly’s statement for Delhi Capitals who have lost all five games

In this IPL season, Delhi Capitals have been unable to open their account so far. This team has lost all of its five games. Worse yet, Delhi has lost most of the matches one-sidedly. There is a lack of fighting skills in this team. Now ahead of the sixth match, Sourav Ganguly, the cricket director of Delhi Capitals, has cheered on his team which is going through a bad period.

Sourav Ganguly while addressing the Delhi Capitals players said: ‘We have to put all this behind us. Support Captain Cheer each other on. We’ll come back fresh in the next game. Nothing worse can happen to us. From here on it can only be good. There are still 9 games left and we can win 9 out of 9 games.

Sourav Ganguly says: ‘It doesn’t matter if we qualify or not. We don’t care at this stage. He just looks inside you. He plays for yourself. He plays for your honor and then see if we can get there.

Ganguly also praised David Warner during this. He said: ‘Whatever results have come on the pitch, we are a much better team than that. All it takes is one good game and the whole situation will change and we will. Stay with David. He is the captain and he is the most important person on this team. He has the hardest job. We will be connected to each other and we will make a good comeback.

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