What Vivek Agnihotri said about the controversy of ‘The Kashmir Files’, he vented his anger by sharing the video

What Vivek Agnihotri said about the controversy of 'The Kashmir Files', he vented his anger by sharing the video

At the 53rd International Film Festival, when Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid made a controversial statement about the most popular movie of the year, ‘The Kashmir Files’, social media got agitated. Since last night there is only talk about the IFFI 2022 ceremony organized in Goa. When Nadav Lapid called ‘The Kashmir Files’ a vulgar and propaganda film on this forum, Nadav’s statement was widely criticized.

Recently, the statement of Vivek Agnihotri, director of the Kashmir archives, has come to light. In which he has said that if someone proves that a shot from the Kashmir archives is wrong, then I will stop making movies. With the video shared on his social media platform, Vivek Agnihotri wrote in the caption: “Supporters of terrorism and genocide deniers will never be able to silence me… Jai Hind… The Kashmiri files #TrueStory. .. ”.

With this, Vivek Agnihotri said in the shared video that – “Friends, a jury at the IFFI 2022 ceremony in Goa said that ‘The Kashmir Files’ is a vulgar and propaganda film… nothing new for me because such things are always talked about. “. for all the terrorist sympathizers and those who want to tear India to pieces… But the most amazing thing to me is that Kashmir is being organized by the Government of India, on the platform of the Government of India. The people who separated India from India were supported and many Indians living in India used it for this…against India. After all, who are these people, they are the same people who have been calling this movie propaganda ever since I started the investigation of the Kashmir archives 4 years ago.

This film has been made after personal interviews with 700 people. It was those 700 people whose parents, brothers and sisters were publicly hacked, gang-raped, split into two, all speaking propaganda and obscene things.

“What used to be a completely Hindu land, nowadays Hindus don’t live there… In that land, even today, Hindus are being killed in front of your eyes, it’s propaganda and something obscene. Friends, this question comes up again and again that the Kashmir files is a propaganda film. There has never been a genocide of Hindus there.

“So today I challenge all the urban Naxals in the world and I also challenge the great filmmakers who have come from Israel that someone should try a shot, a dialogue, an event from ‘The Kashmir Files’. If this is not true, then I will stop making movies… Friends, what are these people who are always against India.


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