Riyadh: A person on Twitter of Licensing discovered that they had taken action through the communication service on Abshar for ‘duplicate information’ of the passport which was not approved, but received instructions to contact the Licensing Authority, now in this regard. What should I do?

In this regard, the department has clarified that if the request for duplicate information on Abshar system is ‘rejected’, the applicant should get an appointment from his nearest licensing office and get it printed.

For the copy of the passport, it is necessary to fill out a special form, which is also available on the Licensing website, along with the form, along with a photocopy of the old and new passport and a copy of the objection received on ‘Abshar’. This should be done by attaching it to the application form and referring to the licensing office at the time obtained where all the items are provided to the present officer.

It should be noted that according to the Licensing Act, workers residing in the country will get the information of their passport through their sponsor while foreign workers are allowed to get the passport information of their family or dependents themselves.

In order to feed the passport details into the licensing system, special care should be taken to create a ‘PDF’ file of old passport, new passport and residency which should not exceed 3 MB.

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The common mistake some people make is that when they attach a copy of a passport they do not create a single file but a separate file for each copy and when they upload it the previous file is deleted which Because the file is not complete and the system rejects it.

It should be noted that the central system of the Saudi passport department ‘Licenses’ has a complete record of citizens and foreigners living here, the residence and passport details of foreigners are fed into the permit system, residence or exit re-entry and A valid passport is required for final exit.

Immediately after the renewal of the passport, it is mandatory to feed the newly renewed passport information into the licensing system. The process of feeding the new passport information into the licensing system is called ‘copy information’ in Arabic, in the past. It was necessary to go to the Licensing Office for the duplicate information, but now the process of feeding all the information of the new passport on the Licensing Abshar account has been made much easier.

The ‘Duplicate Information’ service can be obtained using the ‘Tawasil’ option in the ‘Abshar’ service of licenses. Yes, the operation cannot be completed.