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What time to sleep to reduce the risk of illness

What time to sleep to reduce the risk of illness

A British study finds the best time to sleep and avoid cardiovascular disease

Sleeping between 10 pm and 11 pm can prevent heart disease, according to a recent study published in the European Heart Journal – Digital Health. In Spain, whose hours do not correspond to solar time, the ideal time to go to bed would therefore be between 23:00 and midnight.

We know from other studies that heart problems are related to poor sleep quality. The author of the study, David’s planssays that sleeping at a reasonable time can prevent most of these cases and help the heart stay healthy.

Cardiovascular diseases, more in women

The UK Biobank study tracked 88,026 people in Britain between 2006 and 2010. The mean age was 61 years, ranging from 43 to 79 years, and about 58% were women.

The researchers took into account factors such as diabetes, cholesterol and smoking. Also if the participants were early risers or night owls. In addition, data were collected on sleeping times with a device worn on the wrist for seven days.

“Our findings suggest the possibility of a relationship between the time to sleep onset and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, especially for women”

In the course of that experiment, researchers found that about 3,172 members developed cardiovascular disease, such as stroke or heart attack.

Going to bed too soon or too late is bad for our health

Plans say that early or late bedtime results can alter the biological clock. This can have very unfavorable consequences for cardiovascular health.

Compared with those who fell asleep between 10 pm and 11 pm, those who went to bed after midnight were 25% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease. The chances of getting sick also increased by 24% among those who fell asleep before 10pm.

Plans’ team believes that synchronizing sleep to match the internal biological clock would clarify the association with cardiovascular health. The body’s natural 24-hour rhythm is important and can affect blood pressure or emotional state.

Experts recommend being in the sun during the day to improve sleep, as the time of greatest risk is after midnight. This can reduce the likelihood of seeing the morning light and setting the biological clock.

While more research needs to be done on sleep duration as a risk factor for heart disease, what we do know for sure is that getting enough rest has benefits for our health. Exercises, for example, can help us fall into Morpheus’ arms.


Accelerometer-derived sleep onset time and incidence of cardiovascular disease: a UK Biobank cohort study

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