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What the moles on your body reveal about your past lives


Birthmarks can be seen as a physical reminder of our past lives; they are literally evidence of what we’ve been through. It’s fascinating to think about how our lives can now be connected to our past!

Some people have birthmarks that look like animals, such as snakes, horses, or turtles. Other people may not have any symbolic marks, but could be told about their past lives if they asked.

If your friend is intrigued by the mole on her body, wait and see how excited she will be when I tell her about all the other birthmarks in various shapes, sizes and colors. Make sure you do some research and discover the meaning behind them all – it’s sure to be an adventure!

Maybe in a previous life you were a activist or a famous personality loved and killed for money. If her body mark intrigues you, don’t worry – here are some fascinating legends and theories relating to her!

bullet mark

This scar is considered a sign of being hit by a bullet in your past life. Interesting how powder burn can cause an irregular pattern or injury on the other side of the mark! The fascinating thing about these marks is that they eventually turn brown over time.

This mark appears to be an indication of a past life, with a bullet lodged in the body during death. This is traditionally represented by the color black, as it is associated with this concept.

stab wound

Don’t be afraid to learn that you have this birthmark from being stabbed in a past life, perhaps while you were sleeping.

It’s no secret that stabbing was a common method of murder in the past. Take, for example, the tragic story of Julius Caesar, the beloved ruler of Rome, who faced betrayal by his closest ally, Brutus, and was fatally stabbed to death.

poisoned arrow

Believe it or not, a reddish-brown spot in the center of your forehead with a colorless ring around it is considered a sign that you were killed by a poisoned arrow in one of your past lives. Fascinating, isn’t it?

burn mark

It is believed that the presence of a birthmark can be a symbol of something you experienced in your past life. Whether red or dark in color, it can signify unresolved trauma. That’s why many believe these marks are linked to previous lives!

Having a healed white burn mark is a sign that your past life is being restored based on karma. As the mark becomes more visible, it is an indication that you are on your way to regaining balance in your life. But if it doesn’t go away completely, you might still have something to learn from that old wound.

scattered shots

The shots leave distinctive patterns on its body that can be hard and tearing. In the case of cannon fire, the mark can be particularly severe, showing how much damage the shells have dealt you.

Not many people know this, but a phoenix’s skin burns completely with every rebirth. That’s why you usually find them with black feathers, it’s the mark of their regenerative power! Also, something cool happens: the size of your iconic cannon mark decreases with each new life. fascinating, right?


Historically, people convicted of rape were branded with hot metal objects. This was common in China, where criminals were given a ‘dragon mark’ to indicate their crimes.

While in India, it was customary to brandish an iron bar-shaped or alphabetic mark on people involved in criminal activities. If your birthmark resembles this shape, it is quite possible that in a past life you were engaged in such activities. Chain marks, on the other hand, are the result of tight chains that were wrapped around rawhide in slavery times.

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