What the Arrow 3 missile defense system will bring to the defense of Germany and Europe

Historic trade deal for Israel after announcing that its military industry will sell it to Germany Arrow 3 anti-aircraft weapon systemLong-distance after a year of negotiations to Germany. This defense system was developed by Israel and the United States, which gave the green light to the operation. According to official information, this is a protective shield intended to defend the north Europewill be operational from 2025.

According to Israeli sources, the US has cleared the way for a multi-billion dollar deal that would provide Germany with a key weapon for launching enemy missiles from more than 100 kilometers above sea level. On a German initiative becomes part of a European air defense system.

The Arrow 3 consists of command and control posts, radars, launchers and guided missiles. This version weighs about half the weight of the Arrow 2 weapon system while offering more speed and rangel Provide comprehensive defense of strategic locations and large populated areas.

The Arrow system and the German air defense system IRIS-T, which operates at close range, will ultimately cost almost four billion euros, reports Der Spiegel, money that is to be financed by the Special assets of 100,000 million approved by the government Olaf Scholz in response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. It’s Israel’s biggest arms deal and a huge win for the prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahuwho said in June: “Eighty years later, Germany wants to buy defensive arms from the Jewish state. We couldn’t defend ourselves back then.” Today we help others to defend themselves. What an incredible turn of events.”

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Negotiations on this began after Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine began last year. The deal now must be signed by the defense ministries of both countries and Israel Aerospace Industriesthe Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Israel’s state-of-the-art Arrow-3 missiles are designed to fly high above the atmosphere and detach from their warheads there. They then track down their targets and shoot them down. Such high-altitude launches are designed to safely destroy nuclear, biological, or chemical missiles.

The German press assumes that the system will be operational by 2025 Air Base Holzdorf, on the border between Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg. The aim is to close a gap in the defense against long-range missiles, Air Force Inspector General Ingo Gerhartz said last week in the “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”.

Israeli Defense Minister Joav Gallant, spoke of an “important decision” that would benefit the Israeli economy. “It is significant for every Jewish person that Germany buys an Israeli defense system.” Arrow 3, he added, is a “innovative system, the most advanced of its kind in the worlda performance booster for Israel’s air defenses and soon for Europe as well.”

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