What Rafa Nadal hides when breaking into the World Cup of electric boats

The new hidden sport of the owner of the 22 Grand Slam titles that puts his future in the world of tennis on a tightrope

Rafael Nadal has surprised his followers with his participation in another sport that is not tennis, this being the World Cup electric boats. Thus, he will go on to own his own team within the championship, which gives a lot to think about his next withdrawal. It seems that the owner of the 22 Grand Slam titles no longer has the same strength as before.

In this way we speak of a new competition, that of electric boatspromoted by a Spanish businessman, Alejandro Agag, who has signed Rafael Nadal. This businessman already has a long history behind him, since he is the current founder of Formula E, where we find the famous electric single-seaters.

Rafael Nadal in the electric boat competition

One of the teams that Rafa Nadal’s team will have to face

the athlete Rafael Nadal changes course towards a new sport, entering the UIM E1 World Championship, based on a world championship of electric boats, this being the first existing championship. Although there is still not much information about the possible team that the athlete is going to form, it is known that the start of the championship is at the end of the year, so he will already have it more than studied.

It will be in the coming months when we begin to have a little more information about the participants that Rafa Nadal will have to face. Although at the moment it is known that the team will compete with others such as the Venice Racing Team. A whole new challenge for one of the most important sports figures in our country.

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The illusion of Rafa Nadal for being part of a sport that preserves the marine ecosystem

Of course, that he chooses this type of sports at the gates of his farewell in the world of tennis, it is not a great surprise for his followers. As we have seen before, the sea is one of the sportsman’s devotions. This devotion reaches such a point that he even owns a home on the beaches of the island of Majorca.

Thus, he is very nervous and excited about the possible positive impact that this new sport can have in the most coastal communities. Valuing the new point of sustainability on which this championship is based, since we are talking about electric boats. To which is added the vision of E1 to preserve marine ecosystems.

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