What makes the people of rural Afghanistan happy with the Taliban?

KABUL: A French news agency report has revealed that most people in rural Afghanistan are expressing happiness over the Taliban.

According to AFP, with the withdrawal of US troops and the return of the Taliban to power, normalcy in Afghanistan’s rural areas is now likely to return to normal.

According to the report, with the end of the era of bullets and gunpowder in the villages, the lives of the locals will once again be linked to the fields, which makes them happy with the Taliban.

A representative of a foreign news agency spoke to people from a village called Dashtan, about 30 kilometers from the northern Afghan region of Balkh.

Locals say that now the sound of gunfire has stopped, the war is over and we are very happy with the Taliban, not only men but also women are supporters of the Taliban, we also celebrated the Taliban’s takeover of power. With the arrival of the Taliban, there is peace everywhere.

It should be noted that the level of poverty in Afghan villages has become very serious, the villagers do not have adequate food and the weather has also started getting cold.

According to the report, the village of Dashtan was comfortable and the families could easily make ends meet, but during the war poverty increased to such an extent that most of the families left their homes and now there are few families left which is difficult. They live here in spite of circumstances.

According to AFP, corruption was rampant in all levels of government in Kabul and other cities, with villagers believing that where the Taliban would strengthen their government, they would work to eradicate corruption in every segment of the country. We will also take practical steps for this.

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