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What is the weather like in Bangalore? The rain can spoil the RCB game before the playoffs

 What is the weather like in Bangalore?  The rain can spoil the RCB game before the playoffs

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The final league match of IPL 2023 will be played tonight at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. The final picture of the playoffs will depend solely on this game. All three playoff teams have been decided so far and the main battle for fourth place is between RCB and Mumbai Indians. On the other hand, Rajasthan wishes the defeat of these two teams in the last match. But above all, the rain seems to be an important factor. The weather has been bad in Bangalore since Saturday and it is raining. It was also raining on Sunday morning. At the same time, more chances of rain are reported in the weather forecast after 7 pm at the time of release.

At present, if we talk about the latest weather conditions, according to the report received around 3 pm, it is definitely cloudy in Bangalore but it is not raining. But AccuWeather’s forecast has raised concerns for the RCB team and its fans. Let us tell you that RCB need to win this match against Gujarat Titans at any cost if they are to make it to the playoffs. And the afternoon match is between Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad. For Mumbai, not just a win here, but a big win or even a loss to RCB can do the trick.

Updates from Accuweather, Bangalore (21-05-2023)

What is the weather forecast?

If we talk about the weather forecast, then the Bangalore weather forecast may worry RCB. It’s been raining here since Saturday. According to Accuweather, there is a 65 percent chance of rain on Sunday at 7 p.m. There is a chance of rain at 49 at 8, 65 at 9, 40 at 10, and 34 at 11. That means this the night may be in trouble. In such a situation, RCB’s playoff hopes may be ruined. The draw for the match takes place at 7 pm. Speaking before that, there is a chance of 51 percent rain at 5 pm and 43 percent at 6 pm Seeing this, it seems so clear that the rain disturbance can be seen in this match.

Fight for the last place in the playoffs

The Gujarat Titans, Chennai Super Kings and Lucknow Super Giants teams made it to the playoffs. Now the fight is between RCB and Mumbai for the last spot. Mumbai’s match goes against Sunrisers. If Mumbai wins this match and on the other hand the RCB match is rained out, Rohit’s team will easily reach the playoffs. If Indradev is kind and it doesn’t rain, then in that case a win can also give RCB a playoff ticket. On the other hand, Mumbai Indians will have to record a big win to knock RCB out of the playoffs. If this doesn’t happen, only one win can take RCB to the last 4.

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