What is the wealth of the richest woman in the world?

According to a report by a foreign news agency, in the list of the richest women of 2021 published by Forbes, the richest woman in the world belongs to a French business family, whose name is Francois Bettencourt Myers.

Francois Baton, 68, has کورٹ 92.9 billion in assets, contributing to the restoration of dams and local churches.

Francois Baton Court Meyers owns the most popular makeup brand for women, L’Oreal, a makeup and beauty company founded by his ancestors in 1907.

Francois Baton Court Meyers owns 33% of the family makeup business that he inherited from his mother, Leila Ann Batten Court.

Her mother, Leila Ann Baton Court, died in September 2017 at the age of 94, according to the report.

Francois Beaton-Court-Myers is also an author who has written books on a wide range of subjects, including religious subjects, ranging from Greek mythology to the Bible.

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