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What is the ticket price for the world’s largest swing ‘Ain Dubai’?

The UAE government will open the world’s largest and tallest swing, Ain Dubai, to the public on October 1.

According to Arab media, it will be officially launched from October 21. This cradle built on Bluewater Island is 250 meters high and offers 360 degree view.

The swing has 48 pods and can seat up to 10 people each, which will soon become one of the city’s major attractions.

Once completed, the cradle will take 38 minutes, during which tourists will be able to sit in the air and enjoy the beautiful views of Dubai.

The swing cabins are luxuriously designed, which can be used for dinner as well as partying, as well as for birthdays, engagements and weddings.

The cabin is designed in three sections, including the first observation cabins, social cabins and private cabins. Observation cabins provide the perfect platform for those who have never seen Dubai 360 degrees before.

The ticket price has been fixed at 130 dirhams per person, while tickets for children aged 3 to 12 will be 100 dirhams.

Arab media says the family pass package for two adults and two children costs 370 dirhams, while cabin tickets for drinks start at 175 dirhams.

According to the report, if you want to get a ticket for a private cabin, you have to pay 1800 dirhams, which is about 81 thousand Pakistani rupees.


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