What is the special thing about Saudi Arabia’s new tourism law?

A new tourism law has been introduced in Saudi Arabia, the special feature of which is that it provides protection to the rights of tourists.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khatib has said that the new tourism law approved by the Saudi Cabinet is in line with the spirit of the country’s leadership that the tourism sector be world-class and compete with international tourism organizations. A set of targets has been set to give national recognition to the sector.

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A Saudi website said the new law protects the rights of tourists and that there will be penalties for violating the law.

According to the new law, ‘a notice will be given for the violation, after which the offending tourism establishment may be completely or partially sealed or its status may be reduced.

Under this law, the permit of a tourism organization can be suspended or canceled for a maximum period of one year and can also be fined up to one million riyals.

The new tourism law has facilitated the issuance of tourism enterprise permits to investors.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, under the new law, the data of tourism and its institutions will be prepared so that investors can get the required information before starting the project. Is.

The new tourism law also emphasizes that necessary steps should be taken to protect tourists from dangers and if they suffer any damage, compensation should be provided.

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