What is the secret of the cooling of the floor of Haram Sharif?

Even when the sun rains fire in summer, its heat rays do not affect the floor of Masjid Haram.

According to the report of Arab media, the secret of the cooling of the floor of Haram-e-Pak is a special type of marble, which makes pilgrims feel cold even in fifty degrees Celsius while walking barefoot in Haram Sharif.

But the credit goes to the quality of the marble used in the Haram Sharif, where it is imported from the Greek island of Thassos, known as Altassus marble, which has a high heat absorption capacity.

The royal decree to open the Mataf in the Haram Sharif

According to the report, this marble is distinguished from others in that it absorbs moisture through pores at night and releases this moisture during the day. This is what makes it permanently cool in the light of high temperatures.

The report states that there are some false speculations that equipment is used to keep the floor of Masjid Haram cool. Not at all.

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