What is the secret of BitUp? + 150,000% in 3 days!

Have you ever heard of a token whose value can only increase? Finally, apart from in your wildest dreams? It is no longer a dream. Discover the BitUp token. It must be said that it is big nonsense. But the best part is that it works.


BitUp, the perpetual rise!

The desire of the creators of BitUp is to offer investors a corner whose value is only increasing. One could believe in a huge system of Ponzi or a shady scam. But in fact this is a marketing trick that is genius!

BitUp is a coin whose value is only increasing. It is the same principle as a stablecoin, except that instead of having a price that remains stable over time, the price increases continuously. The intention of the creators is no secret: by making the price bullish all the time, they hope to gain the attention of traders and investors.

And it works ! Very often, the rankings and home screens of trading platforms display the largest gainers of the day. That is, the coins whose value has increased the most in the last 24 hours. This is for example the case on CoinGecko, but especially on Coinmarketcap.

By attracting the eye of investors, the token offers itself a first place on the best crypto news sites. And it’s a way to make yourself known and be famous without spending any money on marketing campaigns, at a time when shitcoins and the same corners are waging a merciless war for attention.

Because for these tokens with high volatility, at a time when Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have become respectable institutions and corners, there is a lot to be gained. Especially for their creators, who often keep the lion’s share and hope to get rich fairly quickly.

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The magic of the Rebase token

How it works ? The principle is quite simple. The number of tokens in circulation, whether on exchanges, decentralized platforms or private wallets, is always readjusted. That is, if you have a certain number of tokens, you can wake up the next day with fewer tokens. This is the principle of an elastic corner supply, or elastic supply. This is called a Rebase Token

However, the total value of your portfolio in BNB or USDT will be the same. Here is the flash of genius from BitUp. So in reality, there is not really any speculative interest.

In this case, perhaps you are wondering what interest you may have in buying this extraordinary cryptocurrency. Well, the BitUp corner has a second advantage. It is a system of rewards in Bitcoin.

It is therefore the real weapon of BitUp. The most resounding aspect, of course, is the still rising price. But as we have shown you, this is only an illusion. The supply total token decreases over time, or increases depending on the direction of the market.

While the Bitcoin reward is very real. However, there is no information on their site to know how this reward system works.

However, on their website we can retrieve a good amount of information concerning the internal economy of the token, which is also called tokenomics.

The details of Tokenomics:

  • 6% of the tokens are reserved by the developers in order to ensure the marketing supports as well as the buyback. In this way, the team ensures that they can maintain the existence of the coin for the long term. This also helps to produce the constant bullish effect on the charts.
  • 1% is for the ecosystem. This is in order to support possible developments and costs without touching the money intended for marketing efforts.
  • 3% returns to liquidity. Liquidity is essential, as this is what makes it possible to trade on the trading platforms. Without liquidity, if the demand or supply is too high, the effect can be devastating on the token.
  • Finally, the remaining 5% is intended for the Bitcoin reward. Only, if you go to the site, you will be able to see that the explanation provided by the team is a copy and paste of that of the 6% intended for marketing efforts. The information is therefore somewhat light!

Technical analysis

The technical analysis of the price of this corner should not be very interesting. Indeed, on a coin whose only goal is to be constantly bullish, no surprise if the price starts at 0.000000006 euros (anyway!) And ends at 0.000008993 euros.

Although the amounts are derisory, it still represents an increase of nearly 150,000%. But if the total mass decreases in proportion, the market capitalization should be the same over time. It could be interesting information to analyze, however this data is not accessible. Since the number of tokens in circulation fluctuates over time, it is not possible to calculate the market capitalization.

So this is a strange and interesting project, although a lot of information is missing. But it’s hard to say if it’s a good investment. Either way, you will have to go to platforms reserved for confirmed investors to have a chance to buy BitUp. And meanwhile, other crypto exists. And even if the price is not set in a constant rise, great buying opportunities remain in this prolific period for the market.

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What is the secret of BitUp?  + 150,000% in 3 days!

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