What is the most sustainable Marketplace in Europe?

Sustainability is one of the great challenges faced by all companies worldwide. Looking at the companies that are obtaining the best results in this area is a good strategy to improve and achieve some of the objectives set out in the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda for 2030.

The latest study of Cross-Border Commerce Europe shows how second-hand businesses are growing and leads the list. According to the data shared at the beginning of the year by Sendcloud, it is already expected that this year the second-hand clothing market would have an increase of around 70% this year Worldwide.

This year the ranking of the most sustainable Marketplace at the European level has been led by Vinted, Lithuanian online platform that allows users to sell, buy and exchange second-hand clothing and accessories. In the ranking, the Lithuanian company obtained 70%, taking the place from eBay. This company It has a GMV of almost 2,750 million euros and a second-hand market share of almost 40% in Europe.

In the report the authors assert that “The second-hand fashion market is currently growing 11 times faster than that of traditional retail. By 2030, the second-hand market will double that of fast fashion. The study notes that in 2021, some 90 million European buyers tried selling second-hand electronics for the first time. This is an especially significant growth if we compare it with the 16 million in 2020“.

Who’s next to Vinted on the list?

The next Marketplace on the list is eBay. The US platform loses strength, but remains in second place. Then we can see the French Vestiaire Collective, which already has a value of 1.7 billion euros. The TOP5 closes with the American StocksX (streetwear) and Depop, C2C fashion platform already owned by Etsy.

We could hope that Etsy had a better position on the list, since they sell handcrafted items, but despite this they are in position seven behind their compatriot Artpal.

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The report also speaks of “el 30% of the top 10 C2C markets in the Top 100 sustainable international sales platforms work to reduce carbon emissions from their own operations by implementing a direct-to-consumer shipping system within the EU“.

Top-rated other sustainable European markets:

  • Spreadshirt from Germany with eRank n. 14 as a customization market,
  • UK Asos with eRank n. 17,
  • Zalando from Germany with eRank n. 19,
  • Bol.com from the Netherlands with eRank # 20,
  • Leboncoin from France with eRank # 21, as a second-hand market,
  • Tradera from Sweden with eRank # 24 as a second-hand market,
  • Farfetch from Portugal-UK with eRank # 26,
  • Germany buyback with eRank # 28 as renewed market,
  • Momox from Germany-France with eRank # 30.

Amazon is one of the companies that will have to put the batteries, because it is ranked number 9 and has had a drop compared to the previous year. His programme Climate Pledge Friendly It seems that it is not being enough.

The markets have a significant market share of around 50% for cross-border B2C and C2C purchases of consumer goods online in Europe and benefit from the “e-commerce that opens the way to a more sustainable and circular future“. By 2030, the resale market will be twice the size of the fast fashion market (x2). By the end of this decade, second-hand fashion will overtake fast fashion and the resale segment will lead the second-hand market.

Some of the advice they give in the report on the strategies implemented by the main Marketplace that appear in the list is the implementation of ‘drop shipping’ within the EU. This has served to reduce carbon emissions by 30%. They also offset CO² emissions by adhering to carbon neutral energy programs.

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