What is the most expensive and heaviest bull in Egypt, food?

In Egypt today, there are talks of the most expensive bull in history weighing more than one ton, which has been sold for 137,000 Egyptian pounds.

In the southern region of Aswan in Egypt, there are discussions on social media these days about a bull weighing more than one ton (1100 kg), which has been sold for 137 thousand Egyptian pounds, and it is considered the most expensive bull in the history of Egypt. Is.

According to foreign news, the weight of the bull is 1100 kg, its deal was settled at 137 thousand Egyptian pounds and it is the heaviest bull ever sold in Egypt and its price per kilogram of meat is 400 lbs is being reported.

Yasir Muhammad Jaber (Abu Ammar), the butcher who bought the bull, said that he bought the bull from Asna Mandi of Al-Aqsaar Commissionerate, which he will slaughter and sell its meat.

Abu Ammar says that the ox eats corn for fodder and corn increases the amount of meat while reducing the fat. The pure meat from this bull is estimated to be 645 kg.

It should be noted that due to the fodder crisis in Egypt, meat has become very expensive and a kilo of meat is being sold for more than 370 pounds. 30% of the butchers have closed their shops due to this crisis.

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