What is the metaverse and what are the brands that have entered it?

A few weeks ago Facebook gave one of the biggest news in its history, it would change the name of the company to Meta. A word that some may think does not have any meaning, but it does not, it means, and a lot.

The word Meta comes from Metaverse, well, this in turn refers to a virtual world. What now sounds a bit crazy in a few years may become a reality, because not only Facebook has made reference to it, in a few weeks we have met other brands such as Alibaba or Nike who want to be part of this utopian future .

What is the Metaverse Explained for someone who doesn’t have a clue on the subject?

  • ‘meta’, which comes from the Greek ‘beyond’,
  • ‘verse’ or of the universe’.

All this refers to a world that will exist on the internet where people will be able to do the same as in real life, that is, go shopping, drive a car, go for a walk, talk to people, etc. In order to develop this, technology companies will rely on immersive technology, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Facebook puts the metaverse on everyone’s lips, but the battle has been going on for a long time

For now, the Metaverse is not a reality, but there are already a large number of companies in the technology sector working on it. Among them we find:

  • Nvidia, manufacturer of chips and semiconductors, is working on the Omniverse that allows connecting virtual worlds.
  • Microsoft is working on Mesh (which could be out next year), and it will be a complement to Teams for the professional sector.
  • Unity, a 3D developer, is working on the production of digital twins. This allows us to test products in the virtual world, when we talk about products it is all kinds of products you can imagine.
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Are these the only companies that have talked about the Metaverse besides Facebook (or Meta)? No, there are other companies that in recent weeks have let us see their intention to enter the new universe.

The first one is Alibaba. The Asian company has announced that before China Singles Day it could launch its “metaverse”Which in his case will be a virtual space for art. People will be able to access this parallel universe and explore non-fungible token (NFT) artwork from brands like Burberry, Alienware and more, according to the report shared on RADII (China’s youth culture publication founded by a former Alibaba vice president). .

Acquiring an NFT through this platform will be totally safe and can be secured with blockchain so that your copyright can be protected.

Another company that has made reference to the metaverse, but in its case in a disguised way has been Nike. The company in the sports fashion sector has presented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office On October 27, Nike submitted applications for seven of its brands: “Nike,” “Just Do It,” swoosh, “Air Jordan,” and “Jumpman.” This has caused sound the alarms and make analysts speculate on this new step of the company, most of them consider that this is directly related to the metaverse and some of the projects already presented by Nike of virtual clothing.

Also, CNBC shares that there are some Nike ads to find pros in the metaverse. For example, they are looking for a virtual shoe material designer.

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