What is the ideal time to eat fruit?

The time to eat fruit is not the least relevant, but there is an important detail that must be remembered, which is to always do it on an empty stomach..

There is not an ideal time to consume each type of fruit and, although we usually eat it after meals, as a dessert, the truth is that experts recommend eating it in the morning, between meals and on an empty stomach, avoiding slow transit. , when in which it is more difficult for our body to properly absorb all the nutrients that the fruit provides us, such as fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Night is the least recommended time of day to consume fruit. And it is that, at these times, physical activity tends to decrease and the metabolism slows down, so it is not the best time to consume a food that provides us with energy in the form of glucose. If we don’t burn this glucose, it will tend to be stored in our body as fat.

There is no right time to eat fruit.

It should be borne in mind that the fruit contains a substance called fructose, which our body transforms into glucose and, ultimately, into energy. That is why it is highly recommended to consume it in the morning, so that it provides us with the necessary nutrients to start the day with strength and energy.

Fructose, a sugar found in fruitIt is processed mainly in intestine lean, not liver or stomach, as many people mistakenly assume. Excess fructose that is not absorbed by the small intestine continues through the intestine to the colon. As a result, it also comes into contact with the natural microbial flora of the large intestine and colon, known as the microbiome.

The microbiome is designed to never see the sugar. You can eat an infinite amount of carbs and there won’t be a glucose molecule going into the microbiome. But as soon as you drink a soda or juice, the microbiome sees an extremely powerful nutrient that it was designed to never see.


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