What is the fortune of Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA?

While the NBA starts its conference finalsthe bottom teams will know their fate when the Draft Lottery takes place, looking to stay with Victor Wembanyamathe main candidate to go as the first overall pick.

That is why, in AS USA we decided to analyze the fortune of Adam Silver, the current commissioner of the basketball league, and that he will surely be very busy with the finals just around the corner, as well as with the draft lottery.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Silver is currently worth $40 million., in addition to having a salary of $10 million dollars. In June 2018, the NBA extended Adam Silver’s contract through the 2023-2024 season. At the end of that contract, he will have earned exactly $100 million in league salary alone. He will also likely earn bonuses for achieving various milestones and revenue/expansion goals.

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Silver’s NBA career

Silver came to the NBA in 1992 as deputy commissioner and director of operations for eight years. He has also held the positions of Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of NBA Entertainment, NBA Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the Commissioner.

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When David Stern decided to step down as commissioner in 2014, he endorsed Adam Silver as his replacement. As commissioner, Silver has had to deal with issues such as Donald Sterling’s racist comments, former Clippers owner who was banned from all league activity;

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