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What is the B virus? Symptoms of a dangerous disease transmitted by monkeys

Virus on a black background and macaque monkey from the front

After the argument with a Pandemic and infections other Diseases Another case was announced worldwide today, linked to the rare case of a Person infected with virus B in Hong Kong for the attack of Bread rollswhich can be mortalButWhat is it and why is it so dangerous??

A few moments ago it was confirmed in southeast China, a Case of human infection with virus Balso known as herpes B or monkey B virus, which makes us wonder what it is made of Illness what they classify as dangerous.

Virus B or simian virus B

He B virus It has many names, scientifically it is called that herpesvirus simiae and herpesvirus B, which translated means Herpes B or simian B virus and just as it says in the classification, the The disease is transmitted by monkeys.

According to the scientific organization iO Foundation, the organization focuses on health and dissemination projects on infectious diseases of travelers B virus is found in Macaque monkeysespecially plait and cynomolgus.

This virus is is transmitted between animals through Bites, scratches or contact with liquids Nose, saliva or blood. However, it is very strange It happens, that’s what happens most of the time infect people.

Only according to the iO Foundation 51 cases of people infected with the B virus of macaque monkeys, plus the recently confirmed in Hong Kong this Thursday, April 4, 2024. Of these infections, however Only a few managed to survive.

Symptoms and why the monkey B virus is dangerous

This was announced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). People what was bitten, scratched or had contact with something Macaque monkey infected with virus B You may have the following symptoms of infection:

  • Chills and a body temperature of 38°C or higher, indicating fever
  • fatigue
  • Muscle pain in different parts of the body
  • Headache
  • Blisters on a wound or area of ​​the body that came into contact with the monkey

It is also reported that in some cases the Flu symptoms, sore throat, stomach ache, vomiting, hiccup, among others. These may appear off three, up to 30 days after exposure to a Monkey with the B virus.

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According to the iO Foundation 80 percent the human People infected with the B virus die Therefore, it is necessary to remain in quarantine and immediately consult a doctor to inform him about the accident and possible events infection.

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