What is the albedo effect and why should the ceiling be painted white?

Julien Bayou Is a politician ecologist who has presented in France a amendment so that all rooftops of newly built houses are painted white. A measure that is now under study in the National Assembly of the country and what are you looking for clarify in general, the color of cities so that they reflect solar radiation, thus reducing their temperature.

But the proposal is now more far and the deputy extends his idea to automobiles, with the aim of further enhancing the effect beneficial What would it take for the planet to absorb less heat of the sun.

Bayou’s proposal in terms of painting the roof of cars white may be somewhat eccentric, Although the suggestion is not exempt from logic. It is already known that, in summer, light colors prevent the car from hot as well as those that are painted in more dark. It is an advantage that saves on air conditioning and, therefore, fuel, also reducing polluting emissions.

Lower the temperature in cities

But also in the proposal of the French deputy comes into play albedo Effect, a phenomenon that has proven effective in combating climate change. Consists of the property that an object has to reflect an incident radiation.

It is a factor environmental which is already taken into account in architecture and public works, favoring that the facades and rooftops of newly built houses are covered with surfaces light in color or that the asphalts currently used on many highways and cities European They are no longer such a dark color.

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It has been proven that a city designed taking into account the albedo effect can diminish until three degrees Celsius its temperature ambient and lower even in 12 the outer surfaces of their buildings. And, according to Deputy Bayou, the set of the vehicles that circulate through its streets, could also to collaborate in this sense.

The greater the extension that reflects sunlight onto the planet, the less will be the heating global. A fact that is already conditioning the way to build real estate, but that could also determine the color of the cars in a next future.

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