What is Roland Garros without Rafa Nadal? The answer is cruel for Carlos Alcaraz

Despite being number 1 in the ATP Ranking, a certain sector of the Spanish press believes that the chances of the Murcian winning this Grand Slam are very few, compared to the absent Mallorcan tennis player.

You cannot compare two careers as different as that of Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcarazbut many journalists do it, at the gates of Roland Garros. The French Grand Slam has already started, and we could see the current number 1 in the world in action, who easily defeated the Italian Flavio Cobolli 6-0, 6-2 and 7-5.

In this last set things were getting complicated for the 20-year-old tennis player, but he was able to break free and once again beat the Italian racket. Precisely that setback was the one that gave rise to talk about the performance that Nadal showed on clay. In a nutshell, this sector of the press believes that without the balearic tennis player Present, the competition has no emotion, neglecting what has been achieved so far by Alcaraz.

Rafael Nadal Roland Garros
Even though he is number 1 in the ATP Ranking, Carlos Alcaraz is not considered the top candidate to win the Roland Garros, according to a certain sector of the Spanish press.

Spain has its faith in Carlos Alcaraz but this sector of the press believes that Roland Garros is nothing without Rafa Nadal

There is no doubt that the Majorcan tennis player is one of the most representative sports figures of our country, and that his career is synonymous with pride. But it must also be taken into account that not everyone can reach the first place of an ATP Ranking with only 20 years, as Carlos Alcaraz has done.. That is why it is our best card in the Parisian tournament.

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However, some believe that Roland Garros does not exist if Nadal is not there. “It’s like watching a Champions League without Real Madrid, it’s the best example. The tennis fan has to make it weird. Yes, it is true that there is a lot of pressure on Carlos Alcaraz right now, but you have to let the kid enjoy himself“. Another comment was “Nadal was and is more introverted. Alcaraz is seen with another self-confidence before the media, that this can also take a bad toll over time.

Carlos Alcaraz wants to be the number 8 Spanish tennis player to win Roland Garros, the last one was Rafa Nadal

In the more than 90 years of history of the French international tennis championship, there are 7 Spanish tennis players who have become champions. The first of them was Manuel Santana in 1961, and then in 1964. In 1972 with Andrés Gimeno. 93 and 94 with Sergi Bruguera. 2002 thanks to Albert Costa, 2003 under the command of Juan Carlos Ferrero. And since 2005 hegemony began with the signing of Rafa Nadal.

In fact, the Balearic tennis player is the greatest champion in all of history at Roland Garros, with 14 titles, and the current winner. Carlos Alcaraz wants to be the number 8 Spaniard to lift the French trophy, and once again leave the Spanish flag on the pole of the Parisian tournament. The next duel for the Murcian will be against the Japanese Taro Daniel, this May 31st.

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