What is Japan going to do to deal with Omicron?

Tokyo: Japan has prepared a strategy to deal with the sub-type of Corona ‘Omi-Crone’.

According to foreign media reports, the government of Japan has decided to start the vaccination process immediately to protect citizens from the Omicron variant of Corona.

According to the officials, it was initially planned that those citizens who have received two doses of Corona protection should be given booster doses in October, but due to the seventh wave of Corona, now it has been decided to start this campaign in September.

The Minister of Health of Japan told foreign media that if there is coordination with the vaccine manufacturing companies, the process of vaccination will be started soon, the work in this regard is going on rapidly.

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Health Minister Kato Katsunobu added that the immediate plan is to vaccinate people 18 years of age and older with the omi-crown vaccine, as that is what the public expects.

It should be noted that pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna have already submitted applications for approval of Omicrone’s booster shots.

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