What is Japan going to do to control the workforce?

Tokyo: Japan has surprised the world by taking a unique approach to overcome the shortage of manpower.

According to foreign media reports, Japan’s leading company Hitachi is developing an excavator that will not require an operator during excavation.

This automated machine will use sensors to assess soil and other conditions on the ground and determine its position for excavation.

According to the company, this excavator is still in the manufacturing stage, which will be put into practical use in the next few years.

This modern excavator is built against Hitachi Construction Machinery’s rival company, Komatsu, which created an integrated system for operating heavy machinery.

The feature of this system was that the hydraulic excavator could be operated from a seated position, the operating area was modeled after an aircraft cockpit, with seven different screens mounted in front to show the excavation work from different angles. used to show

It should be noted that Japanese industries, including the construction sector, are suffering from a shortage of manpower due to the decrease in population and the increase in the proportion of elderly people.

According to government data, more than one-third of workers in the construction sector are at least 55 years old.

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