Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that banning Russian oil would be tantamount to dropping an atomic bomb on the country.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has criticized the European Commission’s plan to phase out Russian oil imports, saying such a ban would amount to “dropping an atomic bomb” on his country’s economy.

Speaking to a state broadcaster, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban claimed that EU member states had previously agreed that the broader measures of any energy bloc should take into account the individual situation in each country.

He also warned that the latest proposal from the European Commission on Russian oil “has attacked this hard-fought European Union, either willingly or unwillingly.”

Orban pointed out that countries with seaports are in a much more advantageous position, as they can move more easily to fossil fuels supplied by ship, while landlocked nations such as Hungary rely entirely on pipelines. Do

He added that the pipeline to Hungary starts from Russia, so Budapest will not accept any EU plan ignoring these facts.