What is it and its advantages?

Social networks have become a perfect sales channel. Among them, it stands out instagramhas more than 1 billion active users worldwide. It is, without a doubt, a medium for brands that want to publicize their products.

When we create an Instagram account, we will automatically start by registering as a profile or personal account. So the only thing the social network asks us for is a name, username, URL of our website and a brief biography.

If, once the account is created, you want to turn it into a professional, you just have to open the Instagram application in your account, enter your profile and access your account settings. Click to the right and it will appear at the bottom.

being you personal account, among these options will appear “Switch to professional account“, within “accounts«.

What is a professional account useful for?

Professional accounts have been designed to allow businesses, brands or creators to have a single, clearly defined presence on the platform. These accounts are a gateway to a wide range of tools that are not available for personal accounts.

The most prominent are:

  • Statistics of your account. This information is valuable for know how people interact with the brand and make the best decisions in your social media strategy. They provide all the necessary data to establish objectives in the short, medium or long term. Among its main advantages is the access to Instagram Insights, which provide the full performance of the social network. Thus, they include profile views, impressions, new followers, number of posts, reach, website or email clicks, among other elements.
  • Promotion of your publications. No matter what business you have, create engaging posts and get the ad in circulation. So that your reach is increasing and you get more quality followers.
  • Contact details and business address.
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