What is Haaland’s clause and until when does he have a contract with Manchester City?

I am in favor of freedom. It is my battle. I always say that one of my priorities as an agent is to offer the player what I call ‘the key to the door’. When the player goes to a club, I do everything to create the conditions so that the key to the door is in his hands. And if tomorrow you can’t stand being there anymore because you don’t like it, or they don’t pay you well, or because your wife wants to live in Paris? Well, you’re leaving, aren’t you? I don’t like it when my player is not free to decide”. This sentence by Rafaela Pimenta in an exclusive interview with AS makes it clear that Erling Haaland’s future is not in the hands of Manchester City. Not completely, at least. And a Real Madrid clings to this that will have him as a rival in the Champions League semifinals, but he is speculating to enlist the Norwegian in the white ranks in 2024.

At that moment the famous clause comes into play. Haaland has a contract with City until June 30, 2027. This is how it says in the contract signed when signing the cyborg Norwegian to Borussia Dortmund last summer for 60 million euros, separate commissions. However, when shaking hands, a safe conduct was agreed. ‘The door key’ so that the forward, if he wanted it, could be, in a certain way, free to decide his future. The Athletic advanced that it exists an exit pact in 2024. An amount that, if disbursed, would act as a kind of termination clause that applies, yes, only to foreign teams. That is to say, in the Premier they could not pull that trigger. An amount that, given the logical lack of officiality, it rotates in a fork between 180 and 200 million euros.

This figure is slightly above the Haaland’s market value, tagged at 170 million euros according to Transfermarkt, but assumable for any big player on the football planet taking into account the amounts that have been handled in recent times. Even more so if we take into account the assessment that Rafaela Pimenta made about her star in this newspaper: “Haaland is worth 1,000 million. Maybe nobody is going to pay that, but it is the potential he has when he arrives at a club. With it come fans, goals, sports results, professionalism, digital content, notoriety, sponsors… If you put all this together, its value is an aggregate of many things. But the price of a footballer is actually set by a club. I know that nobody is going to pay 700 million for a playerbut I am very clear that the value that Erling adds when he arrives at a club is immense, at least 1,000 million”.

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in the white diary

Real Madrid, as AS has been reporting, has the striker’s name marked in red citizen for the aforementioned summer of 2024. Curiously, the same one in which Kylian Mbappé, if he wishes, is free (he has the option of extending his relationship with PSG until 2025). Endrick will also arrive, who will come of age in July 2024, but the Brazilian will be a project, Haaland a reality. A summer in which, in addition, the situation of a Benzema who would end his contract would have to be evaluated (AS has already reported that his continuity until 2024 is assured).

The bridges in the Haaland operation were more than stretched for 2022but the state of form of Karim and the expected landing of Mbappé in the Bernabéu pushed, in part, the then killer from Dortmund to opt for the offer from City, where the Guardiola factor had a lot of weight. Madrid has not knocked on Haaland’s door again, but in the future, if the appropriate conditions arise, it will. That is the intention for 2024, at which time the Premier’s exit clause becomes corporeal.

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