What is Clostebol, the drug for which to suspend Tatis Jr.?

Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr., had given positive for use of prohibited substances. This substance is known as Clostebol, which is prohibited and violates baseball’s drug prevention program.

Here are some Clostebol Definitions, what it is for, how it is used and some negative effects:

Clostebol is an anabolic steroid. It is a drug that belongs to the group of so-called corticosteroids or corticosteroids.

Found in creams intended to speed wound healingas well as other skin conditions such as erosions, burns, dryness or radiodermatitis.

There are documented cases of traces of clostebol in samples from people who did not come into direct contact with the substance, but it came from having eaten meat from animals fed with this substance. It is also found in medical products related to gynecological care. There are cases where an individual tested positive after having sex with a partner using the drug.

Clostebol is a substance found in various creams to treat wound healing, as well as heal skin and mucosal diseases such as infected dermatoses, erosions, ulcers, burns or abrasions, infected wounds, dryness or radiodermatitis.

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