What is China going to do against the Krona epidemic?

According to media reports, China is trying to curb cases of local transmission of the virus, and a plan has been drawn up in emergency hospitals to combat the new strain of coronavirus.

The guideline issued by the Inter-Institutional Working Group of the State Council says that strict measures must be taken to control infections in hospitals dedicated to the treatment of cases of the new corona virus.

The document said that asymptomatic cases, as well as all new imported and locally transferred coronavirus cases, should be kept separate from patients with quarantine rooms and other illnesses in designated hospitals.

Staff working in quarantine rooms should be fully vaccinated before entering their workplace, and arrangements should be made to isolate staff.

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It should be noted that due to the growing delta virus last week, it was decided to carry out corona tests on the entire population of the city of Wuhan. The main reason for the decision to conduct mass corona tests in Wuhan was to report seven corona cases.

According to officials, these corona cases were discovered in workers coming to work in Wuhan from abroad, disrupting the flow of corona cases locally over the past year.

The authorities have also banned tourists from entering Beijing during the summer holidays due to an increase in corona cases, and citizens have been ordered to stay inside.

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