What is “accelerationism” advocated by ultra-right activists?

Widespread in the United States but still little in France, accelerationism is nevertheless gaining ground in the French far right.

Born from left-wing thinking, accelerationism has its origins in a manifesto by Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek, two British doctoral students, in 2013. The two men claim that in order to achieve a post-capitalist, egalitarian, and d Marxist inspiration, it is necessary to push technological innovation to its maximum in order to allow human beings to free themselves from the need to work.

A theory that gradually leans to the right

Nevertheless, a very rightist version of accelerationism developed under the impetus of Nick Land, a former professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick, England. The latter advocates the dismantling of all forms of state control and liberalism pushed to its maximum.

The idea is thus to let the company develop without constraint or prohibition, and thus enslave the populations. The theory put forward by Nick Land also has a racist basis. He explains in fact that “egalitarianism is a concept imposed by the State and that its dismantling will make it possible to put an end to a myth”. However, violence is not the key to bringing the project to fruition.

It was nevertheless used by Brenton Tarrant, the white Australian supremacist sentenced to life for carrying out the 2019 Christchurch attacks in New Zealand. In a manifesto that he had published, the terrorist had mentioned the theory of the great replacement of Renaud Camus but also that of accelerationism.

The movement is also starting to develop in France. The two activists of the ultra-right movement arrested this Wednesday, November 17 in Montauban belonged to the accelerationist tendency. The latter sought to encourage clashes between communities, to hasten a racial war that they considered inevitable.

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