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The concept: Benevolent management

The injunction to benevolence in business has become so strong, so loud and so pleading that one can imagine that, for years, managers must have behaved like a rabid band of torturers! Being a benevolent manager today means taking care of your employees, giving them attention, confidence, free cereal bars, and finally renouncing this old-fashioned verticality that damages souls and generates risks. psychosocial disastrous for EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, for the uninitiated) and the image of the company.

The practice: Save your couple

Since being benevolent extinguishes managerial, financial or “reputational” crises, why wouldn’t it work with those of the couple? Let’s try to see.

The number one precept of benevolent management is to stay calm. Finished, the howls on the collaborators (as bad as they are). Carotid tackles are replaced by small, gentle cropping, accompanied by constructive action plans that are good for the skin. Do the same with your other half. However much she (or he) exasperates you, you must find within yourself the strength to sit him or her in a room scented with essential oils and direct him to a brief quality therapy instead of shouting your anger at his maniacal jealousy or its door closing TOCs. I know it is difficult. Especially since if you already contain yourself all day at the office, you surely need to let off steam when you come home at night. But so does your relationship.

Precept number two: show gratitude. It is something that we forget and yet it is very easy to do. In the office, you may hesitate to pour out too many compliments for fear that the team will slack off. But, in the couple, no side effects. You can go there in abundance! Rather, the problem would be to find positive things to say. Ask for input from his parents or from people with new eyes (sports coach, lover…).

Precept number three: make sense. So there, good luck. Already it is not easy to exalt an employee about the T2 proforma intermediate reporting before consolidation… Within the couple, you risk to row. What do we do together? What is our contribution to the world? Is our love compatible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? You will say to me: during all this time that you are lucubrating, there will be no broken plates.

Finally, precept number four of benevolent management: the right to make mistakes. It is possible to show indulgence with an employee who has made a real mistake. It all depends on whether it is the first or the thousandth. The same could be said of the famous “knife stroke in the contract”. Is this the thousandth prank? Pack your bags. It’s the first ? Analyze together the why of the thing and try to draw a retex, or feedback, positive for both of you.

A couple who are able to forgive each other, to give each other regular compliments, to talk to each other nicely and to make sense of their trip, can go to the end of the world. It makes you wonder, between the world of business and that of love, which of the two is more Care-Bears …

Benjamin Fabre runs a communications agency. He is the author of (Robert Laffont).


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