What happens to the money of customers with savings accounts in Bancamérica?

People who have savings accounts up to an amount of one million eight hundred and sixty thousand pesos in Bancamérica they have their money guaranteed, but they will not be able to use it for a period of up to 30 days, which could be extended for an additional 30 days.

According to the Superintendency of Banks (SB), the body that yesterday took control of the bank to begin its dissolution, that is the time that this process could take and it is from then on that users will be able to access their resources.

Meanwhile, customers cannot withdraw money through ATMs or transfer funds to other entities.

To have access to your money clients will have to present the corresponding evidence, such as original deposit certificates, savings books, debit cards, identity card, among other documents. This should be done from next Monday.

Users should also know that from now on, and during the indicated periodyour savings accounts will stop earning interest.

If customers decide to keep their savings accounts in the entity to which they will be transferred, within the next 30 days, they will have their money in the same currency in which they have their savings account, but if they decide to receive it directly, they will They will be delivered in the national currency (Dominican pesos) based on the reference exchange rate of the Central Bank.


Although the Superintendency of Banks (SB) reported that the money is guaranteed up to an amount of RD$1,860,000 (one million eight hundred and sixty thousand) per depositor, those who have higher savings, which are about 2% of customers, could have some impact on your accounts.

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“In the event that a user’s deposits exceed this sum, the difference will be covered to the extent that the assets of the entity are realized (that is, they are sold). The Superintendence of Banks watches over the preservation of the value of assets so that depositors experience the least possible impact”, specifies a document from the SB.


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