What happens in a cricket match if the ball is lost? Learn interesting rules

There are many such rules in the game of cricket that many people are unaware of. The rules of the game have also changed over time. Have you ever thought how the decision is made when the ball is lost for some reason during the cricket match? Or if the old ball is lost, is there play with the new ball or not. Let us know what the cricket rules say about eating the ball.

If the batsman hits the ball in such a way that the ball either leaves the stadium or is lost somewhere in the stadium, such ball is declared a dead ball. At the same time, the remaining overs of the game are played with almost the same old ball. That is, if the ball is lost, no new ball comes.

According to MCC Rule, if the umpire agrees that the ball cannot be found, another ball is put in its place. Although the ball is likely to be almost as old or similar.

A tree stands in the middle of the Pietermaritzburg Oval Stadium in South Africa. In such a situation, if there is an object or obstacle in the stadium before the throw, then in this situation, with the consent of the captain of both teams and the referee, it is considered a boundary.

However, a four is also awarded if the direct ball is hit in the tree at the Pietermaritzburg Oval Stadium. On the other hand, if the ball collides with a bird or animal inside the stadium, this is not considered a limitation. Before the game is ejected, any solid object within the stadium may be considered a boundary.

Please let us know that there was also a tree at St Lawrence Cricket Ground in England. Although this tree was destroyed by a storm in 2005, it was subsequently planted outside the border. International games were played on this site.

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