Home Tech What happens if you cry while wearing the Apple Vision Pro?

What happens if you cry while wearing the Apple Vision Pro?

What happens if you cry while wearing the Apple Vision Pro?

When we purchase new devices, we often focus on their features and capabilities. However, there are aspects that may affect our user experience. One of these aspects is the Apple Vision Pro and its ability to resist tears while watching emotional content.

Although the Vision Pro is not yet officially available in Europe, It turns out that it is advisable not to cry while enjoying moving content.

The reason is simple: the Vision Pro is not waterproof. It’s not that Apple says it’s not tear-resistant, but when you consider the lack of water resistance it becomes apparent.

Even without the opportunity to personally experience this limitation in Europe, a Vision Pro user shared his impressions of the effect of crying when using this device. Apparently it’s not a pleasant experience.

Wired journalist Lauren Goode conducted special tests with the Vision Pro while watching emotional films. During the movie “Life is Beautiful” experienced tears collecting on the edges of the device’s glasses, creating an uncomfortable situation and in her opinion “disgusting”.

While watching Life is Beautiful, Roberto Benigni strutted around the room where my living room meets the dining room until (spoiler) the Nazis pulled him out from behind and shot him. I cried.

Tears streamed from my glasses and pooled on the soft edge of the face cushion. Those tears never made it down my cheek. I literally cried inside. When I removed the Vision Pro from my face, I saw that the face computer gasket was soaked. The inner lenses needed to be thoroughly cleaned with microfiber. It was, in a word, disgusting.

This issue can have a significant impact because, on the one hand, the Vision Pro immerses the user in the content in a unique way, but on the other hand, interrupting that immersion to wipe away tears can ruin the overall experience.

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