What happens if the India-Nepal game is canceled due to rain? Find out the answer to each question here…

India will face Nepal in the Asian Cup. Previously, Team India played a match against Pakistan. However, due to rain, this game could not be played to the end. Also today the weather in Kandy will be bad. In such a situation, the question arises: what happens if the game between India and Nepal is also canceled due to rain? Besides Pakistan in Group A, which team from India and Nepal will advance to the next round? Or is there another way to reach the next round if India can’t record a win against Nepal either?

Also on Monday there is a possibility that it will rain in Kandy. In such a situation, the Indian fans must have all these big questions in mind before the game against Nepal. However, a great relief for the fans is that Nepal lost their first game against Pakistan. Therefore, this game is more of a matter of life or death for Nepal than for India. Should this game be canceled due to rain, Team India will receive two points and easily secure a place in the next round. In such a situation, Nepal remains in last place with one point.

Now we come to the second question. If Rain doesn’t become a villain in the second game, this game will also be decisive for India. India must win this game at all costs to advance to the next round. If India wins this game, they will have three points and become the second team after Pakistan to qualify from Group A to the next round. But in case of defeat, Team India would have one point while Nepal would have two points. In such a situation, Nepal will get a place in the next round.

In case of defeat, Team India has no other option to advance to the next round. At the Asian Cup, two groups of three teams each were formed. The teams from both teams only have to play two games in the first round. As Team India play the last game of group stage and there is no chance after that.

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