What Ferdous said about participating in the elections in Dhaka 17 constituencies

Late legendary actor Akbar Hossain Khan Pathan Farooq was a member of Parliament for Dhaka-17 Constituency. His departure leaves the seat vacant. Actor Ferdous was rumored to be elected in this vacant seat. Originally, filmmaker Omar Sani expressed his opinion by suggesting the name of Ferdous several times.

Kal Kantar spoke to Ferdous about the matter on Thursday afternoon. He said, ‘Omar Sani Bhai mentioned my name, did not propose anywhere. He expressed his opinion. He has this right.

He can say. I have nothing to say about this.’

In response to the question whether Farooq wants to be a candidate for the vacant seat or not, Ferdous told Kal Kantha, ‘You see, there is nothing to say about this matter. What is there to say here?

That is, Ferdous himself is not interested to say anything about the election. But it can be assumed that he may not disagree if it is a party decision.

Meanwhile, media has reported that actor Ferdous went to his village on Wednesday after 15 years. The hero reached Kapashkandi area of ​​Comilla around 12 noon on this day. At this time, locals flocked to take a look at him.

But the information is not completely correct, he said. Ferdous told Kal Kantha, ‘It is not right. I last visited in 2016. Basically I don’t have any relatives there, so I don’t go. But I am the president of a school. It is absolutely necessary to go during recruitment.’

It is known that Ferdous is the president of the managing committee of Kapashkandi Model Academy established by his father. His visit there was related to the recruitment process of three principal teachers in the institution.

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