What does Rakesh Bapat’s ex-wife think about her relationship with Shamita? The actor himself said this

Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty’s connection made headlines on Bigg Boss OTT. Their feelings for each other were not hidden. This relationship seemed to progress from friendship, but during that time there were also many ups and downs. At the time of the finale, many estrangements and fights between Rakesh and Shamita were also seen, so fans were concerned if the pair would break up after leaving the show.

Let us tell you, nothing like this happened and you were recently spotted on a dinner date after leaving Bigg Boss’s house. Some images of Shamita and Rakesh’s dinner also appeared. In one image, Shamita and Rakesh hold hands and the caption reads: U and me. Although Rakesh had made it clear in an earlier interview that his feelings for Shamita are more than just a friend. And he will do everything possible to take this relationship forward. He and Shamita will spend a lot of time getting to know each other and then they will tell everyone what will happen after that.

What does Raqesh Bapat's ex-wife think about her relationship with Shamita Shetty?  The actor himself said this

By the way, looking at the photos of Rakesh and Shamita, there is no denying that they are both dating. Rakesh has now shared his ex-wife Riddhi Dogra’s reaction to his growing closeness to Shamita. He said: ‘They will be happy if I find someone and I will be happy if they find someone because we are two humans who are very mature and whatever decisions have been made so far, we have treated them with maturity.’ Our relationship is not bad at all. So I’ll be glad that she finds someone like she wants for me.

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