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What does “BV” mean?

Until a few years ago, the number of characters per SMS was limited and unless you ended up with a bigger phone bill than you expected, it was best to be concise. Abbreviations like “BV” have helped many, and adolescents and young adults alike still use them.

If this language remains a mystery for you, know that it has its origin in verlan, foreign languages ​​or even abbreviations. This is the case of “TMTC” (You even you know), “JPP” (I can’t take it anymore) or even the famous “BV”, an expression quite popular on social networks in particular and which is certainly not an abbreviation for “verbal basis”.

Used for “well seen”, it emphasizes the relevance and the judiciousness of a remark. In some cases it can also be used as a diminutive of “bravo”.

With the rise of cell phones in the 2000s, adolescents began to “text” using phonetic transcriptions with rather daring spelling or even with simple abbreviations. The idea is simple, to be understood in just a few characters. And it is not with the appearance of smartphones with tactile keyboards and automatic correctors that habits have changed. The SMS jargon is still there, “BV” too.

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