What did the studies carried out by Inapa on Boca Chica beach reveal?

The executive director of the National Institute of Potable Waters and Sewers (Inapa), Wellington Arnaud, published the results of several samples taken at various points in Boca Chica that revealed the water on this beach does not pose a health hazard.

“Based on the results of the analyzes carried out on the aforementioned samples, we can guarantee that the water from this Boca Chica beach does not represent a danger to the health of bathers”, states the report.

Studies revealed that the quality of the water at this beach is within acceptable limits for water sports activities and other direct contact with the water, such as swimming, diving, water skiing and others.

The samples were taken last Friday, October 22, on the surface and in the deep, in front of the Hamaca / Neptuno hotel; to the Whala hotel, in front of Bocana; in front of the Plaza de la fritura / in front of the heliport; and on Andrés beach, in front of the Spring, details the report published by Arnaud.

What the Water Cabinet says

Recently members of the Water Cabinet declared that the water in Boca Chica is highly contaminated with fecal matter and bacteria, even stating that if someone bathes on this beach they could get sick.

These statements generated various reactions of rejection, as this beach is visited by hundreds of people for recreational and commercial purposes. What’s more It has been considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

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