What did the Queen do to protect Prince William? Interesting video

In an old video, the Queen of Britain ran to save her grandson Prince William from a horse-drawn carriage and approached him holding hands.

Examples are given in the world of mother’s compassion and love and the saying is very popular that “usury is dearer than the original” which really refers to the love and devotion of grandparents towards their children Goes and this passion of love does not belong to any particular class.

An old and interesting video of Prince William’s childhood has been shared on social media site Twitter in which the Queen of Great Britain is seen worried about the safety of her grandson.

In this old video, it can be seen that during a ceremony in an open space, the young Prince William goes a little ahead of his grandmother and approaches the royal horse-drawn carriage.

The Queen of Britain is anxious to see her grandson Prince William advancing, and for fear that the little princes might collide with the royal horse-drawn carriage, they come running after the prince and grab his hand.

YouTuber was very impressed with the Queen for performing the role of “Grandma” and she wrote an interesting post after watching this scene that “becoming Grandma from Grandma”.

The video has been viewed by thousands of users so far and the Queen of Britain is deeply appreciative of this passion.

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It should be noted that Queen Elizabeth II is having a difficult time these days after being embroiled in controversy between her son Prince Andrew and Prince Charles.

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