What did the man who committed suicide by killing his wife and daughter do before he died?

A man in India committed suicide after killing his wife and his wife, who it has been revealed searched Google for the execution method.

According to Indian media, this heartbreaking incident of murder and suicide took place in the Shahdara area of ​​the capital, Delhi, where 45-year-old Sushil, the supervisor of the Delhi Metro, first killed his wife Anuradha, 40, and 6-year-old daughter Aditi, and then himself. Swing by the fan.

According to the police, Sushil also tried to kill his 13-year-old son, but he survived and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

When the Delhi Police investigated the incident and searched his computer, it was found that the killer had searched Google for the method of execution. On further investigation, the police also found a knife from the crime scene with which Sushil killed his wife and daughter and then committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan in the living room.

The police are now investigating why Sushil felt the need to take this extreme step.

According to media reports, PCR received a call at 12 noon in which the caller said that he was speaking from Gali No. 8 Jyoti Colony, Shahdara and worked with Sushil Kumar Metro. He didn’t come to office today so I called him, he was crying and he said I killed everyone in the house. But now he is not receiving the phone.

When the police reached there on the information, they found the dead bodies of Sushil, his wife and daughter there. The wife and daughter had injury marks on their bodies, while the son was alive with injuries and has been shifted to the hospital. Sushil’s body was hanging from the fan.

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Police say that at first glance, this case appears to be suicide by hanging himself after killing his wife and child, but they are investigating.

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