What did Russia threaten Britain?

Russia’s foreign ministry has warned that severing diplomatic ties with Britain would be an extreme step, but Moscow could take the step.

According to foreign media, the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that severing diplomatic ties with Britain would be an extreme measure, but given London’s significant involvement in the Ukraine conflict, Russia may take this step.

Earlier, an American newspaper said in its report that British Army’s SRR, SAS regiments, Navy’s SBS units and British special forces are working very close to the front lines in Ukraine.

The report stated that British personnel are not directly involved in fighting with Russian troops, but their influence on the activities of Ukraine’s special forces is reflected in the sabotage operations that Britain is active against Russia. that Ukraine attempted to target Russian railways, airports, fuel and other logistics facilities;

On the article of the American newspaper, when the Russian media asked its Ministry of Foreign Affairs that if the claim of the said newspaper was confirmed, if Russia could cut off relations with Great Britain, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it was due to the continuous provocations of London. It is well known that the aim is to provide military support to the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that in view of these measures, Russia may end diplomatic relations with the UK.

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