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Management: How to effectively monitor topics to be discussed on LinkedIn?

Emmanuelle Petiau: I use Feedly a lot, a free content curation tool. You can enter up to one hundred keywords on topics or areas that interest you. And you receive a personalized news feed, focused on these topics. From there, it’s easy to find a topic that interests you and develop it from your perspective.


How and when to post these topics on LinkedIn?

First, I advise you to write articles rather than posts, so that they are referenced on Google and therefore more visible. We can also imagine a newsletter around these contents, and publish it weekly or monthly for example. But the most important thing is to try to federate a community. To do this, you have to set an editorial line and stick to it. First you need a subject that speaks to everyone, without being targeted. Then, you have to demonstrate your expertise on this subject, while remaining accessible. Finally, it is necessary to open up to experts on the subject, to reinforce this credibility. Also pay attention to the competition, for example on Monday everyone posts in droves, so you will be much less visible.

Finally, how to use hashtags properly?


You have to put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to reach with your post. What will he look for on LinkedIn? You have to imagine what people are looking for… to try to answer it with your hashtag. Ideally, the hashtags should read in French and in English. But if you only speak French on your posts, keep the hashtags in French. Finally, don’t forget to distribute your hashtags in your posts to make them more readable, rather than concentrating them all at the end.

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