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What audience will return to the courts?

More than the superclassic next Sunday at the Monumental, the big news of the week will be the return of the public to the football stadiums. From next Friday, there will be color and football heat in the stands, although still limited by a capacity of 50%. And it will be news: since the last date of the 2019/2020 championship, March 8, 2020, something like this had not happened. It will be for the fans the return of an old and beloved Argentine custom, the recovery of old postponed rituals, the reunion with friends on the field and with the passion lived live and without the mediation of television screens. It will be for the bars, a new opportunity to continue doing business outside the law. It will be for the leaders, a renewed headache.

It must be said clearly: as well as Claudio Tapia at the head of the AFA he stretched as much as possible the return of the local tournaments and only made it in September of last year, driven by the decision of the Conmebol to resume the dispute of the continental cups, also in this case it eventually led to the reopening of stadiums. The double discourse was evident: while in public, they claimed to side with the fans, in private the leaders expressed their desire to leave everything as it was. And they continue to exercise at their discretion the power to determine who could see the games and who could not.

What audience will return to the courts? Will they be fervent fans who will go to cheer on their teams after a year, 6 months and 23 days of absence? Or will there be a majority of bewildered fans who will take the opportunity to complain loudly about so many bad things done at their clubs? There is everything. The people of Talleres expect to crowd the Mario Kempes stadium in Córdoba to accompany their team en masse in this remarkable campaign that has put them at the top of the championship. But that of San Lorenzo and Racing, perhaps they will return to protest the weak campaigns and the bad decisions of the leaders. What will the Independiente fans of the Julio Falcioni team have to say? The open football council will meet again next weekend. And there will be no more rumors or whispers after a defeat or a bad performance. The public will speak in its own way.

There is also an additional fear that runs through the spheres of politics: that the courts, an infallible resonance box of national moods, cry out their discontent with the socio-economic situation.. There was evidence of Mauricio Macri’s deterioration when he began to be insulted from the stands. That this happens again with the government of the Frente para Todos or with some of the officials is a possibility that freezes the blood in the Casa Rosada, in Olivos and even in the Instituto Patria. Also there they will be attentive from this weekend to the singing of the stands, the most wonderful music.


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