What are the Japanese learning after the Corona epidemic? You will smile knowing

After the global epidemic covid-19, the Japanese people are learning to smile to return to normal life and for this, certified specialists are contacting smile.

According to foreign media, during the global epidemic of Kovid-19, due to the constant masking of the mouth and going through stressful situations, it seems that a large number of Japanese people have forgotten to laugh normally, so they are returning to normal life. Learning to smile again regularly to return.

According to the report, Japanese people are so serious in this regard that they are contacting smile experts to learn how to smile and the experts are charging a regular fee for it.

For this, the Japanese people have approached ‘certified smile experts’ who are teaching them to smile for some money.

Now that the global pandemic of Kovid has officially been declared over, the demand for “smile teachers” in Japan has also increased. Some people have said that they were forced to wear masks for a few days due to Covid, but now they are back to normal after the World Health Organization declared the end of the Covid epidemic. However, most people admit that they have forgotten to smile.

Keiko Kawano, a smile coach, says her company is teaching smiling again. A real smile involves practicing the movement of the facial muscles in a specific way, and the smiler is mentally aware of it.

Kaiko’s training involves first teaching the client to contract the facial muscles and then standing in front of a mirror to practice smiling.

According to the report, smile teaching experts have trained more than 4,000 Japanese people to smile again.

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