How is the corona situation in other countries? And what do children notice? Journalists from the Jeugdjournaal who work in another country have looked into this. The differences between countries are quite large.


New corona rules were announced in Belgium on Friday evening. High school kids are homeschooled half the time. Children also get Christmas vacation a week earlier.

Children aged six and older must wear a face mask at school. This should also be included in other places. For example on the train and on the bus.


Stricter rules apply at school in Germany than in the Netherlands. Children there must be tested for corona at least three times a week. They also have to wear a face mask at school all day long.


In Spain they also find the mouth caps very important. There too, children who go to school have to be up all day. Furthermore, there are few rules in Spain. Politicians from some provinces want children to get a vaccine soon.


In England there are almost no corona rules. Cafes, restaurants and shops are open as usual. And football stadiums and concert halls can be completely full. Keeping 1,5 meters away is not mandatory.

No one is required to wear a face mask at primary school. You have to do that in high school. According to scientists, this is possible because more people have been vaccinated here and more people have already had a third shot.


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