What are the conditions for changing the image in Iqama?

The Saudi Passport Department has imposed three conditions for foreigners wishing to change their photos on the Iqama card.

Under the digital system in Saudi Arabia, the photograph taken at the time of fingerprinting of foreign workers is printed on the Iqama card. However, with the passage of time, some people start to see significant changes in their facial expressions, which makes them want to change the image on the face.

Saudi newspaper Reports According to the Department of Passports, the first of the three conditions is that those foreigners working in the Kingdom who are ‘residents’ who want to change their photo in the Iqama card must first apply for it. An appointment must be made in advance to approach the passport administration.

According to the second condition, for changing the photo in Iqama, the passport of the person concerned should be valid and the photo should be new, while according to the third and last condition, the candidate’s head should be uncovered in the photo, not covered.

Only these three conditions will not be sufficient for changing the photo in Iqama, but a proper reason must also be given for changing the photo, while a new and valid passport is also shown in the documents as a documentary proof, in which to compare the existing photo. After that the new picture is uploaded in Iqama as well.

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