What are the best players available for the Import Draft?

¿Cuáles son los mejores jugadores disponibles para el Draft de Importados?

This Thursday the Dominican League will celebrate its customary Imported Draft in search of defining the rosters for the final series, molding and giving a new color to the alignments and rotations that Eastern Stars Y Tigers of the Licey can present.

The draw allows you to add a number of two foreign players to each team that competes for the final, who will seek to improve their respective squads with a refined list that includes names like Henry Urrutia, regular season batting champion.

Below is a classification of the best players available in the draft and the priorities of the organizations for it:

Eastern Stars

The pachyderms reach the final stage of the tournament with a fairly clear need to improve: starting pitching. This section only managed to average four episodes of work in the course of the All Against All, clear reason that if the team wants to continue in competition, it must first improve its rotation of starters.

Tigers of the Licey

The capitalinos present a compact team after their offense combined to produce a .676 OPS in the semifinals and their pitchers posted a 2.90 ERA, although that doesn’t take away the rush of making additions.

Specifically, the Blues should look to increase the offense at the bottom of their hitting lineup (sixth through ninth in order), after seeing them collectively produce a pyrrhic .218 average.

That said, the list of the main men with a presence in the draw is presented:

Henry Urrutia: Although his offensive numbers saw a huge drop in the round robin phase, the productivity that he dragged in the regular season makes him a desirable token, who throughout the tournament has collected 13 extra-base hits and a .284 average.

White Dairon: The Cuban quickly made an impact on Lidom after hitting hits in two of his three games with the Gigantes del Cibao, extending what had been his good performance in Puerto Rico where he had an offensive line of .301/.345/.361. This one shows great versatility by being able to move in each position of the gardens.

Carlos Hernandez: He has been one of the best pitchers throughout the tournament, who gains greater visibility due to his left-handed characteristics. After 45 innings on the regular series he posted a 1.60 ERA, bringing this number down to his 1.14 round robin record.

Alemao Hernandez: The left-handed pitcher made headlines after a seven-inning game without liberties for the Águilas Cibaeñas, being hired after his good performance with the Charros de Jalisco in the Mexican Pacific League (2.79 ERA).

Special mentions: Eric Filia, Jorge Martínez.


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