What are the best countries to work remotely?

With the coronavirus pandemic, remote work registered unexpected growth and various studies indicate that this trend could continue because both employers and employees have realized that this is mutually beneficial.

To support this statement, it is enough to take a look at the figures of the International Labor Organization (ILO) that indicate that while in 2019 in several Latin American and Caribbean countries the proportion of wage earners under this modality was less than 3%, in the second quarter of 2020 it rose to 30%, reaching up to 74% in some cases.

An investigation carried out last year by the company PayScale, specialized in labor market issues, revealed that the 43% of employees expect more organizations to offer remote work after the pandemic ends.

Given this panorama, it seems appropriate to show you which are the main countries with the best conditions for working remotely.

The list, prepared by the American travel agency Kayak, is based on 22 factors, among which are the internet speed, the rental price of the apartmentslocal prices, political stability, weather, traffic accidents, leisure options, cultural attractions, among others.

in the world index the first five places are occupied by Portugal, Spain, Romania, Mauritius and Japan. From Latin America and the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Panama stand out, in seventh and eighth place, respectively.

On the list, made up of 111 countries, The Dominican Republic is ranked 79th.

The agency explains that these are the most searched destinations on its website and the countries or territories that have announced improved visa policies for remote workers.

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Because they are the best?

Regarding Portugal, the country that occupies the first place, the portal highlights that it is crowned the best country in the world to work remotely because it offers a visa for this type of worker, that many of its inhabitants speak English, that it is very stable politically. , its rate of violence is low, the weather is very good and it has little pollution.

Regarding Spain, which occupies the second position, it indicates that the main reasons are the speed of the internet, the large number of coworking spaces and the visas for the self-employed. He also points out that the number of road accidents is low and that it is a good place for the LGBTQ+ community.


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